We need your help completing our Water Service Line Inventory. If your water meter was replaced within the last two years, it is likely that the Authority already collected information on your service line material when completing the meter changeout.

  • Not sure when your water meter was replaced? Please call our office at (570) 398-1443 to confirm.
  • Still need to have your water meter replaced? Call us to schedule an appointment, and we can verify the material of your service line at the same time!

After checking with our office, if we do not have information on your water service line, please submit the information requested below right away. Have a question? Visit https://jerseyshorewater.com/lead-service-line-inventory or call our office at (570) 398-1443 for more information.

1. Locate a recent Utility Bill. You will need this to enter your Account Number in the response form. Your Account Number is listed in bold red text on your Utility Bill.

2. Locate your water service line coming into your building/home — where the service line comes through the wall or floor. This pipe is usually located in the basement or lowest building level and is connected to the water meter. Your scratch test and magnet test area will be on the service line between where it enters the building and the first valve or water meter, whichever is closest.

3. Using a key, coin, or screwdriver, gently scratch the surface of the pipe. Next, place a magnet on the pipe and see if it sticks. Use the pipe material chart, here, to help identify your service line based on the results of the scratch test and magnet test.

4. Take a photo of your service line. Photograph the service line from approximately one foot away, focusing on your test area. See the example below.

5. Fill out the information below to submit your service line information. If you are unable to use the online submission form, you can email us this information at gettheleadout@jerseyshorewater.com.

*indicates required entries below.

You can find this on your Utility Bill. Be sure to enter the Account Number, not the Bill Number or Customer Number. If you need assistance with locating your Account Number, please call (570) 398-1443.

The address the water service line is located (where you receive water service).

Additional Information (optional)

If you have a lead or galvanized service line, please provide your contact information so that we can follow up with further instruction.