Jersey Shore Area Joint Water Authority has three upcoming projects. The authority has applied for grants to help with cost associated with the projects.

  1. Pine Creek Water Treatment Plant complete replacement of the existing filters, piping, pumps, and building upgrades. Anticipated work to begin late fall 2022 or early spring 2023. Estimated Cost: 2.4 Million Dollars
  2. Full replacement of 720 linear feet existing water distribution transmission lines, which includes two different areas of stream crossings along state route 287. Anticipated work to begin late summer of 2022. Estimated Cost: 1 Million Dollars 
  3. Larry’s Creek Water Treatment Plant new construction of a water treatment plant which includes all fixtures and apparatus to treat potable water. This project is in the design phase. Anticipated work to begin year 2024.

If you have questions or concerns about the projects listed above, please address them to: Eric S. Johnston, Manager, Jersey Shore Area Joint Water Authority 570-398-1443